Savvy Teen Academy Susan Hayes Culleton


"I just wanted to say thank you so much for an amazing four days. I loved everyday of the course and learnt so much about finance that I didn't know before, and I am now highly interested in pursuing a job in finance someday. Thanks so much for organising a great TY programme and for being so helpful, I really appreciate all the work that you did for us last week. I will definitely be recommending the TY Programme to my friends and school!"

- Jessica, Dublin

"Susan is the most interesting person I have ever listened to, I wish she was one of my teachers."
- Megan, Student

"If Susan can be a successful entrepreneur and economist, then so can I, I really believe that after listening to her today."
- Karen, Student

"That was one of the most interesting experiences of my school life. Economics is my favourite subject now and from now on I'm going to play close attention to all that goes on in the economy as I know it affects me and my family."
- Tara, Student

"Susan has made me realise that I too can be a successful entrepreneur. After listening to her stories I'm 100% sure I'm going to be just like her!"
- Saoirse, Student

"Susan is so funny and interesting, I could listen to her all day long and I learned so much as well about our economy and about being an entrepreneur."
- Alyssa, Student

"Susan had the students on the edge of their seat from the moment she entered the classroom. They were, and still are fact the girls are still talking about her presentation 3 months on. Susan made the subject of economics so real to the girls, she brought their classroom learning to life in an interesting, factual and more importantly fun way. She is a powerful presenter who shares her knowledge and experience with students with the care and patience of a natural teacher. In fact the girls loved her so much they hung back afterwards for 20 minutes plying her with questions. They now all want to be Economists and Entrepreneurs and keep asking when Susan is coming back! I could not possibly stress how valuable this experience has been to my girls and would highly recommend a visit from Susan to any economics class, it certainly will give students a fresh and exciting perspective on a wonderful array of topics. Thank you so much Susan."
- Trudie Murray, Teacher & Author