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"I just wanted to say another big thank you for the great week. I can honestly say I have a different view of my future in the world and how I want to spend my life, also how important it is to know your value in the world."

High-focus summer camp of transformative learning
Yes, you can have it all: excel at school and college, prepare to flourish at work, and maximise the fun of all your life experiences. Build your toolbox of skills and strategies in all areas - whatever the situation, you'll have just the right practical tool to make the most of it. Practice those skills in a supportive, affirming environment. Meet other people just like you and cheer each other on as you watch your potential unfold

All these things require a specific mindset and approach 
Susan HayesCulleton runs #SavvyTeenAcademy. She has walked the walk: she's successfully been through school, college and jobs - and now she runs her own businesses.

We've been there and done that
At #SavvyTeenAcademy, we remember what it was like to dream big and have no idea where to start. We remember what it was like to feel embarrassed and not dare say it out loud: yes, you want the best life. Will others belittle your ambitions? Will they laugh at you? 

This four-day intensive contains
All the practical tips and inspiration we wish we'd had when we were your age. And we'll share it all with you.

What students will learn at #SavvyTeenAcademy

SavvyTeenAcademy is NOT a traditional course based on the school curriculum.

Students will learn and practice skills that are essential to academic and professional success, but aren't taught as such in school, such as:

- speaking confidently and persuasively in front of an audience

- studying smart, and not just hard

- making an excellent first impression in a professional or personal context

- overcoming shyness and coming across as respectful and confident in any conversation or exchange

- managing stress-inducing situations with poise and grace, without crumbling under pressure

- protecting themselves and coping in difficult situations requiring quick adaptation (moving out and starting college, coping with feelings of sadness or isolation, after a breakup for example)

At the end of the programme 
Take home with you the best strategies, tried and selected by highly successful people - and use them for life.

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Come join us
For a packed four days you'll never forget. Learn the skills that will help you in real life. Get clear on what you want from life, and then get it!

A meaningful, enriching Transition Year work experienceCurrently running Transition Year work experience for business and corporates. 

that truly benefits both the students and your company

#SavvyTeenAcademy Team