What are the benefits for your company?

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Engage meaningfully with a future talent pipeline:
Today's work experience students become tomorrow's company ambassadors and future job applicants when they have an engaging experience that challenges, inspires, rewards and challenges them.

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Build relationships with current and future clients:
When applicable, a tailored Work Experience that is structured and facilitated can be an incredibly powerful and valuable thank-you for the people that enable your company to thrive

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Offer your staff the opportunity for their loved ones to join:
Many parents find it difficult to source interesting, relevant and available work experience for their own teenagers or related loved ones. You can turn their problem into a great opportunity for them.

How do your students benefit?

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Build self-awareness:
Lots of students are unsure about what direction they want to take in their career, what transferable and employable skills really are as well as what really interests them. Offering them an action-packed programme tailored to build their self-awareness can offer some pivotal self-awareness insights for them.

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Answer and Grow their Intrigue:
At the earliest stages of your career, everything is new. Curiosity leads you to be malleable, open-minded and hungry to understand what a typical day looks like. By offering real-life tasks mirrored closely to that of the business but tailored in a skills-appropriate way feeds that intrigue. 

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Gain Insights into Future Careers:
Our participants constantly tell us their worried about not enjoying the consequences of their career choices, about technology taking away the jobs they're preparing to study for and about the uncertainty of overwhelming choice. Thoughtfully crafted tasks with guided self-reflection genuinely help turn these worries into learning and practical takeaways.


How does it work?


Here at #SavvyTeenAcademy, we will take care of all the logistics. Working with you every step of the way,


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We develop custom teaching material and activities that feature your company's brand, that are innovative and highly relevant, and that dovetail with your company's objectives. We will include self-development activities so the teenagers can learn valuable life skills; we will also showcase your mission, your people and your unique expertise.

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We take care of everything, from organising the schedule, choosing collaborative technologies, to briefing with your speakers (and minimising their prep time), so that you can just review the plan and sign off on it.

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We communicate with all stakeholders at every step of the way. Your staff will be crystal clear on how this work experience benefits them and the company. We will supply the confirmation text and reminder notes for your e-mails with the group and handle all communication that you need while engaging in a truly beneficial, enriching, value-adding experience.

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We gather detailed insights and targeted feedback, and create valuable content. Throughout the work experience programme, we build in feedback sessions so that your team are always up-to-date on outcomes achieved. This wealth of insights can then be leveraged to improve future iterations of the work experience programme, or to feed into publicity campaigns, both internally and externally. We can create video collages, press releases, blog posts and white papers to capture and showcase the essence of the experience.


How has it worked for previous transition year students?

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Here is what one of our previous clients had to say: