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A meaningful, enriching Transition Year work experience

that truly benefits both the students and your company


Finally, a TY work experience that is truly worthwhile for the students and doesn't disrupt company operations.

What do you do when a class of 30 students descends on your company for work experience?

... How do you make the best impression on future graduates?

It's important to get the word out about your company in the most positive way, so that bright graduates think of you when they start looking for jobs. You don't want a dozen teenagers going back to their friends saying they were bored out of their minds at your TY work experience.

... How do you balance busy staff schedules and making time to show them around?

Someone will have to tell them about what the company does, how it onboards young graduates, and what careers they could have here... But that's time taken away from day-to-day activities.

... How do you channel their interest and energy in a way that is productive, instead of disruptive?

How do you shepherd dozens of excited teenagers through company premises with a semblance of order?

#SavvyTeenAcademy offers a complete package of company-branded, fully customisable trainings

to make the TY work experience highly memorable and mutually beneficial.

With the #SavvyTeenAcademy TY work experience, your company will:

1. Engage meaningfully with a future talent pipeline

There will be enough time for students to get a real feel for what the company does, and why it would be great to work there.

Your company will help open up their horizons and create more opportunities for eager, ambitious teenagers. They will be able to picture themselves working with you.


2. Build relationships with current and future clients

When applicable, this TY work experience package can be tailored for the teenagers of your clients, as an incredibly powerful and valuable thank-you.

With #SavvyTeenAcademy, you will put your company in front of dozens of teenagers. After they have had an amazing time, they will be telling their parents, siblings, teachers and schoolmates about it.


3. Ensure that the students enjoy a meaningful experience

Students will take part in highly engaging, relevant activities that will allow them to learn more about themselves and to develop valuable new skills.

Through an exemplary, in-depth, truly satisfying work experience, your company will be building relationships with students. They will be your new, highly positive brand ambassadors.


4. Allow staff to go about their day in a productive way

The #SavvyTeenAcademy TY work experience allows staff to focus on their own schedule without disruption. We take care of the work experience so that it unfolds seamlessly, and no work hours are lost.


5. Showcase your company's commitment to the community

Participate in giving young people new perspectives. Your company will give them a concrete image of what work opportunities are available and how to get there. Help your community nurture confident teenagers who are looking forward to their own future.


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How does it work?


Here at #SavvyTeenAcademy, we will take care of all the logistics. Working with you every step of the way,

- We develop custom teaching material and activities that feature your company's brand, that are innovative and highly relevant, and that dovetail with your company's objectives.

We will include self-development activities so the teenagers can learn valuable life skills; we will also showcase your mission, your people and your unique expertise.

- We take care of everything, from organising the schedule, to securing premises on-site, to hiring and liaising with remarkable speakers, so that you can just review the plan and sign off on it.

We facilitate and deliver the complete TY work experience, based on your brief and requirements.

- We communicate with all stakeholders at every step of the way.

Your staff will be crystal clear on how this work experience benefits them and the company; the school and the parents will be confident that their teenagers are safe while engaging in a truly beneficial, enriching, value-adding experience.

- We gather detailed insights and targeted feedback, and create valuable content.

Throughout the work experience programme, we build in feedback sessions so that your team are always up-to-date on outcomes achieved.

This wealth of insights can then be leveraged to improve future iterations of the work experience programme, or to feed into publicity campaigns, both internally and externally.

We can create video collages, press releases, blog posts and white papers to capture and showcase the essence of the experience.

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#SavvyTeenAcademy employs a blend of innovative learning techniques, for a varied and exciting work experience programme:


Formal learning will impart fundamental knowledge about your company.

Soft skills development will help teenagers become more self aware; they will understand how essential those non-technical skills will be for their future career.

Peer-to-peer learning activities are a #SavvyTeenAcademy specialty: these activities will anchor and magnify formal learning and soft skills development.

Reflections harness the proven effectiveness of reflective learning, inviting teenagers to further develop self-awareness and an active, problem-solving mindset.

Rotations embody immersive learning by helping students work hands-on through real-life scenarios. They increase creativity, problem solving abilities and, most importantly, confidence.

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