Your guide to enjoying college to the full 



Are you starting college this month? Congratulations, and lucky you!

You must be very excited. Savour the feeling! So many opportunities are waiting for you. Yes, college is about studying for your degree (and if you're a #SavvyTeenAcademy alumnus or alumna, you know all about efficient study skills!). It's also about making friendships that will last into your adult years - a lifetime, even.

And it's about embracing all the opportunities that college life offers for learning and growing, and for having the best fun.

In college, you will learn to manage your time and prioritise better. You will learn to study even more efficiently. You will become your own person - and you will learn all-important life skills (like doing your laundry! Just joking...)


Susan walks down memory lane on a recent visit to the NUIG campus, where she studied Financial Maths and Economics.

Susan fondly reminisces about her years in college in Galway. If you're starting college this year, embrace the experience! Susan lists all the things she did in college that changed her life - watch the video for tips to make the most of college.



Joining societies: Susan joined the Business Society at NUIG. Years later, it put her on the path to entrepreneurship. But that is not the whole story...

The library: learn to use it, librarians will be delighted to help you find your way around the stacks. Join a guided tour of your university library as soon as you can. Libraries are wonderful places that hold so much learning and information - as well as being quiet(ish!) places to study. 

Lectures and academic workshops: your university has a wealth of resources to offer. Make sure that you keep stimulating your thinking with new ideas from lectures that will challenge you. Attend workshops that will help you improve your student skills, like academic writing and research workshops.

Life in college

The café: essential, vital, crucial! One of the absolute delights of life in college is the great friendships you will strike up. Susan spent many hours debating and chatting in the NUIG campus café.

The moral of the story is, our years in college are the making of us. Embrace all the opportunities around you. Make time for the things that are important to you in college: join societies, discover and explore. College will change you in so many beneficial ways. You will be amazed when you graduate in a few short years, so make the most of it. 

Life in college can put you on the fast track to the life you dream of.

And then, years later, you can take a stroll around campus and enjoy the memories! Your college years will pass by in a flash, but the memories are there for a lifetime.

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