Here at the #SavvyTeenAcademy, we offer a complete package of company-branded, fully customisable training to make the Transition Year work experience highly memorable and mutually beneficial. Each programme is packed full of collaborative and engaging activities that offer unique insights into young people's values and concerns. The savvy insights we gain from this are shared across our social media. 


On Tuesday: 

When is the right time to introduce your kids to the beauty of budgeting? Our #savvyteens this week have proven that it's never too early to start learning this key life skill. Here are the budgets they built in one session with teamwork and effective communication. #staysavvy

PwC Tues Monthly Expenditure


PwC Group 1 Household Budget (After Tax)


PwC Group 3- Household Budget


PwC Tues Group 4 Monthly Budget


On Wednesday:

One of the many things our #savvyteens have learned this week is the value of asking effective questions. They've done this in a number of ways;

1.Interacting with guest speakers 

2. Leading their work experience interviews 

3. Building primary market research surveys

They went on to create the following infographics from their surveys... #staysavvy


PwC Wednesday Retail and Consumer Report Findings Group 1


PwC Wednesday Retail and Consumer Report Findings Group 1


PwC Wednesday Retail and Consumer Report Findings Group 3


PwC Wednesday Retail Group 4


On Thursday:

This week our #savvyteens have demonstrated how digitally literate their generation has become. In groups, they conducted and presented an audit on a sample set of accounts. Here is a sample of what one group produced after just one hour in a breakout room. #staysavvy

PwC Thurs Slide1


PwC Thurs Slide2


PwC Thurs Slide3


PwC Thurs Slide4


PwC Thurs Slide5


PwC Thurs Slide6


PwC Thurs Slide7


PwC Thurs Slide8


On Friday:

We never need to look further than our own #savvyteens to feel inspired. This week, they each shared an inspirational quote that perfectly encompasses the attitude they've exhibited with us. What is the one quote that keeps you motivated? #staysavvy


Fri Lucy quote


Fri Ruairi quote


Fri Andrew quote


Fri Rebecca - quote


Fri Dervla - quote




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