Here at the #SavvyTeenAcademy, we offer a complete package of company-branded, fully customisable training to make the Transition Year work experience highly memorable and mutually beneficial. Each programme is packed full of collaborative and engaging activities that offer unique insights into young people's values and concerns. The savvy insights we gain from this are shared across our social media. 


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Monday Activities

As this week's Savvy Teens virtually observed the shifts and changes in the stock market today they were analyzing their own choice of stocks. 

Here is a sample from the larger range of stocks they focused their attention on today Monday. 

Davy Compnay Stocks

Tuesday Activities

This week, our Savvy Teens have shared a common interest in how personal values are reflected in working life. As you can see from the questions below, this is a clear concern for young people. 

Here are just some of the questions they have prepared to ask the guest speakers that will be joining us virtually throughout the week.

Davy Tues Questions


Wednesday Activities

Today we did a rapid-fire question session with our Savvy Teens where they asked about their burning questions around some of the topics we've engaged with this week. 

Here are some of the questions that they pitched during the session.

Davy Wednesday Questions 


At the end of last weeks Virtual Transition Year Work Experience, we asked our Savvy Teens to write a legacy letter to their former selves, as if they were starting the week again and what would they say to themselves as they look back on this week's adventures with us and their learnings from this week. 

Here is what they say about this Virtual TY Programme!

Davy LL1   Davy LL2


Davy LL3   Davy LL4


Davy LL5  Davy LL6


Davy LL8  Davy LL9


Davy LL10  Davy LL11


Davy LL12  Davy LL13 


Davy LL14  Davy LL15


Davy LL16  Davy LL17


Davy LL18  Davy LL19


Davy LL21  Davy LL22


Davy LL23  Davy LL24


Davy LL25



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