Here at the #SavvyTeenAcademy, we offer a complete package of company-branded, fully customisable training to make the Transition Year work experience highly memorable and mutually beneficial. Each programme is packed full of collaborative and engaging activities that offer unique insights into young people's values and concerns. The savvy insights we gain from this are shared across our social media. 


On Monday:

76% of our #savvyteens yesterday agreed that STEM subjects are difficult to study. This assumption is one of the many reasons young people are not choosing a STEM education and thus a STEM career. This week we aim to document and challenge our assumptions in this area. #staysavvy


J&J March2021


On Tuesday:

Day two with our wonderful #savvyteens this week is complete! Just as we do in our own business, we gave our teens some time yesterday to reflect on the learnings they have had so far. Here is a sample of what they shared that the various things they have learned. #staysavvy


J&J Response1


 J&J Response2 


J&J Response3


 J&J Response4


On Wednesday:

It's lovely to receive feedback from a parent regards to the work and effort their teenager puts into a week-long course. #savvyteens Thank you to Johnson & Johnson for their support and trust in our Savvy Teen Programme.


Message from Parent


On Thursday:

This week, our #savvyteens have recognized the power of teamwork as each member can bring their unique skills and interests to a project. Just look at the infographics they created in their zoom breakout rooms arising from primary market research that they carried out! #staysavvy Johnson & Johnson  DePuy Synthes Companies


J&J Market Research


J&J Thurs Grp1 Research


J&J Thurs Grp2 Research


J&J Thurs Grp3 Research


J&J Thurs Grp4 Research


J&J Thurs Grp5 Research


J&J Thurs Grp6 Research



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