Teens and Money



One of the main benefits of teenagers learning to earn their own money and manage their finances is that it will teach them financial resilience which is so important at every stage of your life. This financial resilience is something that has to be learned at some point and the earlier you can learn it the better.

Another reason teenagers should begin earning their own money is that it will dramatically reduce the anxiety they feel about being able to fund the lifestyle they want. A lot of teenagers have expressed their worry that they won't have enough money to get them through college or that in general, they won't be able to fund the lifestyle they want. Beginning to earn money for them will reduce that stress and anxiety.

Finally, teenagers should start earning their own money simply because they can. Teenagers have the time, skill set and knowledge to earn their own money, all they need is the right attitude. Susan has written blogs that are available on the Savvy Teen Academy website, outlining how teenagers can begin making money.



There are so many opportunities available to young people to earn money and they will be outlined during the Savvy Teen Academy course. Susan shared some of the ways in which she earned money during her time in university. She used to fill out surveys in between lectures and get vouchers for whatever she wanted as a reward.

There are many different ways young people can begin to earn more money, for example, the Erasmus for young entrepreneurs is a great scheme that is funded by the EU. This Erasmus is a scheme where a new entrepreneur (business less than 3 years old), can apply to work in someone else's business for between 1-6 months and it is completely funded by the EU. There are also a range of other organisations that actively target younger people with a view to offering them job opportunities designed for their age group. Susan is reporting live from Malta because she was at a conference about the future of the EU, and her opinion is that this future is dependent on how we as a society shape it.

Teenagers are the future and teaching them how to earn and manage money will serve them for life. Susan has set up her own businesses so understands about generating income in a business. During the Savvy Teen Academy course, she will show you how you can apply an entrepreneurial mindset to earning money. Whether you want to run a business, support yourself in college or freelance, your success all boils down to understanding how to differentiate yourself, knowing who would want to pay for your service and then telling them how they can do that. The teen entrepreneurship activity run during Savvy Teen Academy is really fun and can shed some light on this topic.


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