Teeny skills that make all the difference!!


Sometimes I wish someone sat me aside when I was younger and told me that it's not all about what you do but more about how you do it.


I remember those horrid moments before my first presentation in college, I couldn't have been more prepared. I had my introduction, my three key themes and my conclusion off by heart and I had even gone that extra mile and included some props as quirky visual aids.Students Hugging Next came the moment; that awful moment when I had to get up in front of my peers and present my deconstruction of the song Rule the World, by Coldplay (it was for an English poetry module!!). This was the moment I realised that I had never actually done this before. I had partied with my audience, shared stories and laughter with them but how were they ever going to take me seriously on this type of platform? All sense of reasoning went out the window at that point as I assumed a nervous disposition and spent more time trying to control the tremor in my legs and hands than I did focusing on my material.


Now as a thirty-year-old professional trainer, I cannot imagine what my issues were but try telling that to nineteen-year-old me praying for a fire alarm drill to get me out of the fright of delivering a presentation to my fellow college goers!! I wished I had been prepared for that intimidating podium and how to deliver 'myself' on it.


There are many skills that we use throughout our lives and we often don't get trained in them before we need them. You will find that there are many occasions where you will "present" during your life and may not even be aware of it. Putting your hand up in a large college auditorium to ask a question, interviewing for a job, speaking as the best man or chief bridesmaid at a wedding, putting forward an idea to a group of people in management at your future workplace, applying for a loan and so many others.


Now even more than ever, (in this crazy, technology-saturated world we live in) sometimes our message, the point that we're trying to convey, gets diluted in a hazy online cloud of likes, comments, re-tweets, hits, threads, streaks...need I go on?!? What we are saying is loud and clear, but what happened to the pleasantry of face-to-face interaction, handshakes, and those memorable first impressions? Now they are hidden behind a laptop, a PC, a smartphone or a tablet. It has been made virtually impossible (pardon the pun) for young people to develop on their communication skills when we now rely so heavily on the devices mentioned above!!


#SavvyTeenAcademy is one such way to develop essential life skills and it's coming to Cork this summer to prepare teens going into 5th and 6th year for their future. We focus on three key themes: Careers, Communication and Confidence. It includes the development of personal skills that go beyond the realm of technology while also including it appropriately to manage an effective, online presence. 


This four-day Summer camp focuses on these essential communication skills, career direction and confidence for young people and also prepares them for managing a budget in a responsible way in order to grow their money, for example, by getting a summer job. Each daily workshop includes group activities, discussions and exercises to ensure engagement from all participants. Guest speakers will also visit throughout the week to share knowledge and experience that is key to motivating aspiring teenagers. If you think that this is the Summer Camp for you or if you feel your teenager would benefit from learning basic life skills to prepare them for their future visit www.savvyteenacademy.com today to view the schedule programme and secure your booking.


Join us for a high-focus week of transformative learning

Build your toolbox of skills and strategies in all areas - whatever the situation, you'll have just the right practical tool to make the most of it.

Practice those skills in a supportive, affirming environment.

Meet other people just like you and cheer each other on as you watch your potential unfold.

Find out more on our Dates and Programmes page.




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