So, you're considering doing a J1?


Going on a J1 adventure is a staple stage in many students' lives during college.  A J1 is a 4-month work visa issued to students in full-time degree level courses, synonymous with a Summer in the U.S.

It can be tough to decide whether a J1 is right for you or not. Not knowing what you want to do might be the best way to experience a J1 or head into your future, as mentioned in another article on our blog. Just know that either way, you will develop the skills a J1 has to offer at some point, it just may not be on the sunny beaches of Los Angeles.

There is a lengthy list of benefits to doing a J1 - however, if you don't know how to use the time you have to the best of your ability, you may miss out on some of those advantages.

Don't panic just yet, we're here to help you get you started on your J1 experience.

1. The first stop on the J1 journey is USIT,  a company which focuses on student travel. USIT offer a wide range of student travel experiences, specifically popular for the renowned J1 work visa  which help so many students ever year get their J1 journey started. This company also offers various levels of cover and hence convenience and security.J1 Visa

You can visit USIT online to see the various levels of cover they offer students - if you're looking for convenience and security, USIT is the place to start.

2. Another source of information for those dreaming of a J1 is your college student union - this resource is commonly underused in many colleges. This is the first place to ask for advice around jobs, accommodation, useful contacts and security measures. In the case that they cannot answer the questions you have they will be more than happy to help you find someone who can. 

If you find yourself lost in thought when it comes to a J1 holiday, your college would be the first place to ask for advice.

3. Now that you know where it is you want to unpack your hopes and dreams, time to look for a community there which will help you build your home away from home.

The Irish Outreach Centre  in San Diego, which Susan Hayes visited on a trip to Los Angeles,worked with recently when hosting The Irish Business Forum in San Diego  offers many all-important resources for incoming Irish students on a J1. Check out their FaceBook page at

They also offer a welcoming Irish community where you can meet future friends. From joining their Gaelic football team - The West Coast 7s, to just meeting up with people from Ireland in the same situation as you, immersing yourself in a community like this can really help you in on your J1.

4. Simply hearing a familiar accent when in such a vastly different country can help make a strange place seem a little more like home. Not only will this allow you to embrace the city fully with a positive mindset, but you will also form some strong connections with those sharing the experience with you.

Having the ambition to even consider a J1 means that not only are you an incredibly desirable employee but also you will be setting yourself up for the possibility of an international career. Find out more about How to see the world and get paid for it here on our blog.

Doing a J1 can be one of the most influential moments of your student experience so don't miss the opportunity the get everything you can from the journey along the way.

Watch the full video of Susan speaking on her interaction with those in the Irish Outreach Centre.


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