Here at the #SavvyTeenAcademy, we offer a complete package of company-branded, fully customisable training to make the Transition Year work experience highly memorable and mutually beneficial. Each programme is packed full of collaborative and engaging activities that offer unique insights into young people's values and concerns. The savvy insights we gain from this are shared across our social media. 

So far this week our #savvyteens have dove into each activity with such enthusiasm and determination. With the ability to apply their soft skills in order to learn new technical skills that they have already demonstrated, they have the promise of blossoming this week! #staysavvy. 

On Monday:

Here are the stocks that our Savvy Teens chose to invest their energy into at the beginning of the week. Using Google Sheets coding, they can monitor the live information of each stock below!

PwC Group1



PwC Group2



PwC Group3



PwC Group4



PwC Group5


On Tuesday:

Our #savvyteens are constantly using an array of new tech tools. One of which this week allowed them to gather primary market research evaluating their peers' consumer habits. They then went on to visualize their findings in highly informative infographic reports. #staysavvy 


Pwc Graphs Grp1


PwC Graphs Grp2


PwC Graphs Grp3


PwC Graphs Grp4


PwC Graphs Grp5


PwC Graphs Grp6


PwC Graphs Grp7


On Wednesday:

This week, our #savvyteens spent time addressing their worries for the future. Their capacity for self-reflection enabled them to not only recognise these concerns but to also take a moment to think of the ways they can overcome these anxieties. #staysavvy

PwC Worries1


PwC Worries2


PwC Worries3


PwC Worrries4


PwC Worries5


PwC Worries6


PwC Worries7


PwC Certificate



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#Stay Savvy