Preparing for the 2017 Economics Leaving Cert : Watch Susan's video on the economic themes that dominated the 2016-2017 academic year

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Every year in September, Susan is delighted to attend the PTSD Teachers' Conference and to address economics teachers on topics of interest to them and their students. This years unfortunately Susan couldn't be there so she recorded a Facebook Live video.


On 15 September, 2017, Susan did a Facebook Live presentation on what themes dominated economic commentary in Ireland, from September 2016 to September 2017. What topics shaped the conversation, what was on everybody's mind throughout the year, and why ? The topics she talks about in the video will be very helpful for economics teachers and their students for the Irish Leaving Cert.


Join Susan as she gives a comprehensive description of the year in economics.



1:54 Homelessness and the lack of housing, a key economic issue in Ireland - both for people who can't afford to buy their home, and from the point of view of social housing

4:00 There are only 12,000 properties listed for sale around the country, 4,000 of them in Dublin: there is an obvious shortage of supply.

8:15 In the last year, mortgage approvals increased by 29.5%. However, value of mortgage approvals increased by 38%: people are now able to borrow more.

10:00 BREXIT was of course a big theme, and very much a shock factor.

The sterling has depreciated against the euro by approximately 7 % since the start of 2017, a significant figure, and by 17 % since the referendum.

11:30 BREXIT has tangibly affected Irish tourism, but businesses and the authorities all over the country have been adapting and coming up with creative ideas.

13:46 So if UK visitors are down, where do our visitors come from ? Tourists from North America are up 23 %, even though the euro has appreciated even more against the dollar - this points to a stronger economic performance in the US than in the UK.

16:00 How will links between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland be affected by BREXIT ?

17:00 The Department of Foreign Affairs has engaged with NI counterparts through the All Island Civic Dialogue Forum. How Ireland as an island wants to move forward.

18:00 Teenagers are very aware of Brexit - how about your own students ?

18:40 BREXIT generating a lot of uncertainty around business planning.

21:00 The second half of 2016, and the beginning of 2017, has been dominated by the Trump election, and then moved on to focus on European elections and populist leaders like Marine Le Pen.

25:00 Another important theme of the year was alternative sources of finance, following a dearth of finance available for businesses in the last few years. So cryptocurrency, BitCoin and the blockchain are going to be important topics in the future. (Read my article on FinTech over at The Positive Economist blog)

26:30 The peer-to-peer economy and peer-to-peer finance: AirBnB for lending.

27:30 The Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland negotiates a better rate on the market for banks borrowing.

28:30 In Brussels, the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base is being discussed.

31:00 The Capital Market Union is also a theme that's gathering steam : bringing together the capital of the European Union and creating a level playing field of Europe's capital.

32:30 Snapchat had its IPO : it was the first ever IPO in which shares were issued, but votes were not part of the offering. In other words, shareholders are happy to make money off the share, without having any say in the way the company is run.

35:30 A summary of what dominated the economic commentary in Ireland this last year up to September 2017.


Watch the video on Facebook


For more on the Irish economy, watch Susan's other Facebook Live presentation here.


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