Here at the #SavvyTeenAcademy, we offer a complete package of company-branded, fully customisable training to make the Transition Year work experience highly memorable and mutually beneficial. Each programme is packed full of collaborative and engaging activities that offer unique insights into young people's values and concerns. The savvy insights we gain from this are shared across our social media. 

On Monday:

On the first day of their work experience programme, our #savvyteens have already shown exceptional resilience as they overcame a variety of obstacles to achieve the goals set for them. We then asked them to share some of the challenges they have faced and overcame in their lives.

In recognizing the strength that it took for them to conquer these moments, they were able to see just how resilient they truly are!


Medtronics Monday


On Tuesday:

Our #savvyteens this week have been asking showing a keen interest in the path our guest speakers have taken in their career. A common theme in their queries was a focus on how they deal with stress in their work life.

Here is a sample of the types of questions they put forward during today's session. What response would you have given to our teenagers if you joined us in a session?


Medtronics Tuesday


On Wednesday:

Today our #savvyteens developed their teamwork, communication and analytical skills to create and carry out market research surveys. Their findings reveal a plethora of valuable insights into STEM from their unique perspective.

Just look at some of the eye-catching infographic reports they generated from their findings!


Med Grp3


Med Grp4


On Thursday:

We were delighted to work with another group of teenagers this week. Again we asked our savvy teens to write a legacy letter to their former selves as if they were starting the week again and what would they say now to themselves as they look back on this weeks adventure with us and their learnings from this virtual week.

Here are their answers from this virtual TY Programme!



























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