Student working world


What do Transition Year students think of when they imagine their dream day at work? Susan HayesCulleton asked this question to students in the PWC TY programme, and the results are very interesting.





The range of jobs the students described were very wide.The majority of students mentioned their dream job including travel where they were able to stay for a while and enjoy the culture of the place that they are in. Free leisure time to enjoy with their friends and family was also a very popular response. Although these students' dream jobs ranged from being a pilot to an architect, the main principles of free time and lots of travel prevailed with almost all of the students. Working in a vibrant workspace, with lots of people, in a nice location was also mentioned by a few students. At #SavvyTeenAcadmey we will explore what the right job is for you and dive into how you can go about getting the career that you desire. These students produced podcasts of their ideal working day, and there is so many more fun activities to be explored in #SavvyTeenAcademy . For more information visit our website: #Dreamjob #TYstudents #SusanHayesCulleton #Travel