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Susan Savvy Teen 2020 Review


10 Things I've Learned From Working With Teenagers | Susan HayesCulleton


Susan has gained many different reflections from working with hundreds of teenagers in 2020, primarily virtually, through corporate work experience her company runs as part of Savvy Teen Academy


Some insights Susan has gained include:

1. Teenagers want to work: They don't want to sit around and listen to guest speakers unless there is a real activity based around it. They want to do, not listen but they are willing to listen in order to be able to work. Teenagers are open to working with new technologies and doing things they are not familiar with. They are eager to learn, and very adaptable, picking up new skills extremely quickly.

2. They will benefit from learning the consequences of responsibility. For example, if a task is not done by lunchtime they have to stay and do it. On the other hand, if it is done well they get the praise for it. Feeling the benefit and challenge that responsibility brings is a great thing to learn early.

3. You can without a doubt hold their attention for hours. Challenge them, give them both individual and group work and they will stay motivated for hours.

4. They are concerned about robots and automation taking their jobs. At Savvy Teen Academy, we explain to them how this is not the case, technology just requires us to constantly up skill ourselves and then it won't be taking anyone's jobs. We teach them how they can use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to their advantage.

5. The three main social media platforms that have their attention at the moment are Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok. They presume that Instagram is the one they will use the most in the future. Some teens in Savvy Teen Academy are using twitter but the majority aren't, and nearly no one is using Facebook or LinkedIn.

6. This younger generation really cares about a lot of things, ranging from friends and family to their future career, the environment, sustainability and much more. They are able to access a lot more information through their phones, laptops and on social media platforms where current affairs are being discussed.

7. The teenagers today are more empowered than ever before because their voice can be amplified through social media. They truly care about the issues they discuss on social media as well, with most of the Savvy Teen Academy students saying they would be willing to pay a premium price for goods and services from sustainable companies.

This trend is very likely to be carried through to their careers when they will want to work for ethical companies.

8. This generation wants to both blend in and stand out simultaneously. They are very multi-dimensional characters and Savvy Teen Academy has worked hard to create an environment of psychological safety for them to do both. Savvy Teen Academy also shows them how to be impressive in the workplace through small actions that will set them apart from the rest of the employees.

9. It has become evident to Susan that we need to show these teenagers how to build resilience. A lot of problems teenagers face can be solved very quickly but it is important that they build resilience before they have to deal with bigger, strategic issues in the workplace.

10. Finally, Susann has noted that this generation is no more technically proficient than the generation that came before them. They are constantly learning and upskilling themselves just like the rest of the generations have to.


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