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Susan Savvy Teen 2020 Review


10 things I've learned from working with hundreds of teenagers in 2020 through Savvy Teens:

  1. They want to work (hard) not just listen passively.
  2. They benefit from feeling the consequences of responsibility.
  3. You can (1000% ... and that's not a typo!) hold their attention online for hours.
  4. They're worried about competing against robots, #AI etc and it's up to us to show them how to stay ahead.
  5. They're focused on three social media platforms (Instagram, TikTok abd Snapchat).
  6. They care very deeply about a lot of things - their family, mental health, the environment etc... and they're very aware.
  7. They're willing to pay a premium for sustainability and that will influence the workplace, marketplace and investment propositions of the future.
  8. They want to both blend in and stand out.
  9. We need to help them build their resilience.

They're no more technically proficient than previous generations but they're willing to learn fast!

Truly, the teenagers of the world are amazing and what a real delight we have to work with them.


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