Medtronic Savvy Teen Week

Many people wonder how to give teenagers who look for a short work placement a positive, enjoyable, memorable experience. Last week, I worked with Medtronic, Galway to do just that.

We co-ordinated a week-long programme of activities that gave them insights into the dynamic, transformational and impactful world of medical technology.

Here are three examples of activities that work well with teenagers:

1. Put together an asset using the jargon of the industry that can be used later as engaging social media content. (Check out our innovative word search with a twist in the video)

2. Conduct primary research to contrast against secondary research and create an infographic with results

3. Develop a short video about the experience through the teenager's eyes.

Also, it's immensely helpful if staff share their career story through an interactive Q & A and most of all it's crucial that you have an internal champion who will weave the strands together. What an amazing experience we had and thank you to Medtronic for giving us the delight in working with local teenagers to facilitating a real industry experience in the workplace of their tomorrow.


Stay Savvy