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Incubation centres and the opportunities they provide | Susan HayesCulleton

Huckleberry Incubation Centre


What type of work is available in innovation at the moment? Susan


Susan HayesCulleton was live from Huckletree Incubation Centre to give you an insight.



Huckletree is Dublin's newest incubation centre with many more located around the country, such as Nova in UCD and many in Cork, Galway and Limerick. Many incubation centres are located on university campuses, but they are not limited to university campuses. 


Incubation centres are very new, so new that for a lot of people working there, their job didn't even exist when they started their degree. This is very important to remember because the workplace is constantly changing and growing. Careers are not always straightforward which is why at Savvy Teen Academy we apply the thought process of figuring out what your skill set is and how you can apply it to a marketplace. 


These incubation centres are a meeting space for many creative individuals. Companies use these hot desks rather than offices because the rent is lower and the collaboration is higher.  Hot desking involves various different people working in the same workplace on multiple tasks at different times, rotating the desks between workers. There are no set desks for individuals. 


At Savvy Teen Academy, we will direct you to where the jobs are for whatever it is that you enjoy. Whether you are interested in a career in maths or graphic design, we can figure out where that career can take you and how you can begin the journey. 


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