4 Easy Ways: To make money in college while still having time to study

(Susan HayesCulleton)

Making money while you're in college is a great way to do several things at once:

  • Afford nice things that your parents don't necessarily want to pay for, like the latest fashion or technology.
  • Feel super proud that you are standing on your own two feet by paying for certain bills or groceries with your own money. Make More Money Susan HayesCulleton - SavvyTeenAcademy
  • Learn very important skills that will stand you in good stead once you start looking for a job in earnest, and know what employers value and are looking for.
  • Create a first network of co-workers or employers, or generally just people outside your immediate circle of family and friends - thereby widening your horizons and building the foundations of your future professional network.

What is more, working in any shape or form gives your timetable a good, solid structure and can actually improve your focus and concentration. Studying will never be a bore: you'll enjoy the variety, one activity providing a welcome change from the other. That variety is also essential to being a well-balanced, well-rounded, happy, confident individual.

The thing is to find ways of making money that won't interfere with your studies - and there are many, many ways to do just that!

1. Babysitting and part-time or summer jobs
Let's start with the obvious: babystting at week-ends, getting a part-time job over the summer. These are great and shouldn't be underestimated: I did both and enjoyed them tremendously, as well as learning some precious business insights.

2. Giving grinds
On top of these, I also used to give grinds to people who were a few years younger than me, and who were taking a course I had done successfully. For example I helped people with Junior Cert maths when I was in Leaving Cert, and then when I was in college I helped people with Leaving Cert maths. You don't need to be a qualified teacher, or even an outstanding student, to give grinds: very often giving grinds is about providing accountability and helping the person focus and overcome their fears. If you are patient, if you are able to empathise and remember what it was to not understand, if you can recall how you went from not understanding to getting it, if you can share the tips and techniques that have helped you succeed, you have all it takes to give grinds successfully.

3. Market research surveys
I used to fill out market research surveys online in between lectures and got paid in vouchers. This was a super way to use a couple of minutes when I could have been dossing on social media - instead, I earned vouchers to pay for the shopping! I just registered with some web sites and used to get regular e-mails to ask if I would participate. The money literally came into my inbox. Google "paid   surveys", or "filling in surveys for money".

4. Once-off opportunities
Keep a look out for once-off opportunities. When I was in college the Head of Department asked for students to review the college web site for new students in exchange for a fee and I put my name forward. I applied for, and was interviewed, by the Census to distribute the forms and collect them afterwards. I also used to put my textbooks up for sale on the Students Union when I was finished with them after the year came to an end. With platforms like eBay, gumtree.ie and donedeal.ie, you can bring this to a whole new level!

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