How a teenager can make money without asking for a job - Susan HayesCulleton

During a recent interview with Sean Moncrieff on Newstalk , Susan spoke about the myriad of ways  to make money as a teenager. From the traditional reliables such as babysitting and getting a summer job, to harnessing the power of the internet, to some very creative means that will find favour with any future employer.

Consider the following ideas for the Summer weeks ahead and then you can continue them in a smaller way when you go back to school and/or pick them up again when you go to college. However, you will definitely learn and glean some skills that you can benefit from immediately! Here are five to get you started:

How a teenager can make money -Susan HayesCulleton(a) Learn a new skill and offer this as a service in your local area

You can learn how to blog and maintain a social media presence for businesses, how to code, as well as many other techniques. Companies need and want these services today, but many business owners don't have the time to learn and implement these ideas. You can use web sites like to access high quality training from the comfort of your own home. Once you feel confident with your new skill, take the sales and marketing courses on the same portal and you can set up your own small service business.

(b) Take on freelance jobs

There is a plethora of websites where people and businesses post jobs they would like to outsource; freelancers can then bid for the work. If you like to write content, interact with people on Facebook, develop mobile apps or design graphics for teenagers, register on sites like to see what's on offer and then put your own ideas forward.

(c) Star in a movie

It takes people of every age to make a film and producers are always looking for teenagers as extras or small parts. If you would like to be part of the exhilarating world of "lights, camera, action!" and make money while doing so, check out organisations such as who notes on their website that 82% of people on their books last year received paid work and via acting on the set of Red Rock, RAW, Fair City, etc.

(d) Set up an online shop

In the UK, up to a third of clothing, furniture and household appliances is bought online. You can collect things that other people don't want and set up a shop to sell these goods online on portals including and . You can also make crafts, handmade cards, jewellery, etc., and sell your creations on  Learn how to position your product well (Is it exclusive and expensive? Is it more of an impulse buy? What kind of people will like it?), market it to an audience and step on the learning curve!

(e) Apply for funding to learn from European counterparts

There is a range of finance mechanisms aimed at young people and to help with getting started in business, including for older teenagers. This initiative pays for you to work in another entrepreneur's company in another EU country for between one and six months so that you can gain experience. Also, the office in Dublin specialises in signposting people towards European funding for all ages including young people through the Erasmus+ programme.

At #SavvyTeenAcademy, we dedicate a whole day of the course to managing your money, teen entrepreneurship, finance related activities and guest speakers. For more articles and ideas, check out our other articles at; the free resource for young people with a focus on careers, communication and confidence.

What is Savvy Teen Academy?

SavvyTeenAcademy is a five-day, Monday to Friday, summer camp for teenagers about to enter 5th or 6th year (or Repeating)

Teenagers can have big dreams and aspirations, but can be at a loss where to start, or think they are too shy to go after what they want. They also have to juggle expectations from parents and teachers, a demanding study schedule as well as navigating intense friendships and peer relationships.

SavvyTeenAcademy offers a caring environment for turbo-charged, hands-on learning. It will be an intense week of transformation, with lots of fun and new friendships.

After five days at SavvyTeenAcademy, students will be armed with a panoply of practical tools they will be able to use in many life situations: passing exams, applying for jobs, networking and confidently taking their life in the best direction.

SavvyTeenAcademy is NOT a traditional course based on the school curriculum.

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