Here are 5 reasons why you should be spending more time in your college library 


I'll never forget the first time I walked into the library in UCD. It was like walking into an unknown land where students hunkered over laptops and the silence echoed intelligence and attempts to higher your Grade Point Average. Although I could already tell that this was unlike any library I had been in before, I really had no idea how vital this space would become for my college studies.

I'm going to let you in on the 5 reasons why the college library has been so useful for my studies, and why it should become your second home during those college years.

#1. It's deadly quiet

One of the main reasons why I spend so much time in the library is the fact that this space has very little sound pollution. Unless you decide to sit on the ground floor next to the exit then this place will probably be the quietest space for you to get focused on your work. Living with five other people means that for me the quietness that a library offers is vital for long study sessions.

#2. Productivity is contagious

There is something undeniable about being surrounded by hard working students that makes me want to get out my laptop and get through my work. This is something I've coined (or at least I'm trying to coin) 'positive peer pressure', being influenced to work hard by those around you.

To further optimize your time in the library, take a look at these Study Tips.

#3. Resources on tap!

Let me paint you a picture; I'm sitting at my desk at home, working on an assignment that's due in just under a week and I realise I don't have the page number to match the quote that I'm referencing in my essay. I start rifling through my bag, only to realise I didn't check that book out of library. What do I do now? What can I do? Other than wait until the next time I'm on campus to check the book out that I need. All of this would have been avoided If I had just been in the library working on my essay.Student in Library

The convenience of the library can be summed up in the fact that this is where all your physical resources are for much of what you will need for assignments and exam study. Don't let the promise of the snacks you have waiting in your cupboard at home entice you away from all those vital physical resources.

Not only are the books important but the college library's I.T. resources are unbeatable. If you think that not having a computer is going to hold you back in your studies, it's simply not true. For over a month in my previous college year I had no laptop. I spent more time in the library than I did at home during this time. For the simple reason that the UCD library provides students with laptops that can be loaned and used within the library. For many people getting a laptop for college may take a while. This vital library resource will make your life easier. However, if having a laptop for college is something that you really want, take a look at these easy ways to make money while in college. They may not be state-of-the-art Pcs, but they do exactly what you need them to do.

Further I.T. resources such as printers and photocopiers are dispersed around the library so get to know these areas too.

#4. Writing Centre

There is nothing more unnerving than writing your first academic essay at third level. Trying to understand how to cite will surprisingly take much longer than you think. That's if you are trying to master it on your own. The library's writing centre will be your saving grace when it comes to transitioning to a third level writing style.

Writing centres in each college library vary, from one-to-one to group consultations for projects. They offer free tutoring on topics such as researching, understanding essay questions, planning assignments, getting started, structuring an essay, building an argument, writing critically/analytically, editing, proofreading, identifying grammar problems, understanding the feedback you have received, preparing for an exam, or about any other writing related issues.

#5. Group and Individual study rooms

Although there are many spaces around the library for study, sometimes being in a room with your peers where you can support each other during your studies can be exactly what you need. In UCD for example, there are many private rooms that any student can book for study sessions or even for working on group projects.

A further resource for the prospective postgraduate students is personal study spaces. These are available for booking for when you need your own space without having to even be in the same room as other students. Sometimes that is enough to distract anyone away from the academic demands of a postgraduate course.


College campuses across the country often have more than one library. Make sure you are using the one that's right for you. Some people prefer larger open spaces, but there are many who prefer more intimate study spaces, like me for example. Getting to know your library can take a little while so take some time in between lectures to wander around and find the space that's right for you.

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