How do Gen Z feel about CSR( Corporate Social Responsibility)? What do they think of businesses that engage in CSR? Would they work in companies that didn't engage in CSR?



#SavvyTeenAcademy ran a survey with students ranging from 18-25 years old to ask them about their opinions on CSR.

Some of the results were very striking, with an overall consensus that this generation really do care about CSR and will make an effort to implement CSR work into their future careers.

There were also some startling statistics about how genuine this generation thinks companies engaging in CSR are. Over 90% of the participants did not think companies would engage in CSR without the marketing benefit. After this survey was taken #SavvyTeenAcademy ran a CSR workshop with the students to hopefully alleviate some of their concerns surrounding CSR, and show them that some companies do engage with CSR for the right reasons! For more information visit our website: #CSR #GenZ #SusanHayesCulleton