Learning to navigate money, how to earn it, how to manage it, is a key part of the #SavvyTeenAcademy curriculum.


Wouldn't it be wonderful to go through your teenage years and then your college years without the weight of this constant worry about finances?

Finances and earning money are an important part of the course at #SavvyTeenAcademy. Both Susan and Monica, #SavvyTeenAcademy's cofounders, created their own business, so they know a thing or two about generating revenue. And Susan is sure you'll enjoy the session on teen entrepreneurship - it's great craic!

In this Facebook Live video, Susan shares the reasons why every teenager should learn how to make money, and why they have everything it takes to succeed at it. She also shares several avenues she tested herself to earn money on the side while studying, or to get started as a young entrepreneur.



Many #SavvyTeenAcademy participants worry about money. Teenagers tell us they're worried about the cost of going to college, they're worried about how they're going to get a job after college, they're worried about affording the lifestyle they'd like to live. They are very self-conscious around money and they don't want to be a burden.

Money Education

But isn't it too early to worry about money? Shouldn't teenagers focus on studying first and foremost?

I don't believe studying and earning money are mutually exclusive, and I think every teenager should learn to make money. That's the best remedy against anxiety.

Learning how to make money also teaches you a lot about yourself, and about the kind of skills that are not taught as such in school, but are absolutely vital in the workplace: resourcefulness, self-reliance and self-direction, thoroughness, punctuality, initiative...

Learning how to make money in a repeatable way, and working on your confidence in this respect, is such a crucial skill. Once you know how to calculate how much money you need to fund your lifestyle, and then how to find jobs and opportunities to earn that money, it gives you wings. It's the best test: once you've done it, your worries will be a thing of the past.

At #SavvyTeenAcademy, several of our workshops are devoted to learning more about money, so that teenagers can be confident they can create the future they dream of.


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