Seed Academy Zoom call

In this picture, are a range of great young people in Hong Kong who took the initiative with a company from around the world. What a phenomenal way to build your skillset and employability. Chris is one of those students!


My name is Chris and I'm a student at Undergraduate of Lingnan University in Hong Kong. Over the past number of weeks, I have been interning at Savvy WomenOnline and helping the research team for the YouTube show "Fantastic Female Fridays".  


Susan HayesCulleton, my manager, recently invited me to share some insights about what advice I would give to a future virtual intern in Hong Kong who chose to work with a company in Europe.


  1. Be open-minded

The concept of a virtual internship is completely new for everyone and people are improving its experience. Sometimes we may not be used to working remotely by using a video call, email or other platforms. Just be more open-minded to experience such new things. If you find any problems under such working environment, tell your employer and you can fix the problem together. You can definitely make improvements happen with your employers!


  1. Be more confident

You may not believe that you can complete the work perfectly because you don't have any experience or any knowledge about that field. But give more confidence to yourself. Sometimes the employer is looking for someone without any related knowledge to give new insight for him/her. Also, you may not be familiar with the task given to you. Just try your best to complete and believe that you have the ability to complete it.


  1. Be responsible and have self-discipline


The employer may not necessarily give you any deadline for your work task. You have to decide what time you should submit the work to her and how much work you can be done. Because we work remotely and have a different time zone, it is difficult to check the status of our work or even communicate immediately, so it's better to report your working status to your employer so that h/she can know your progress.

Unlike working in the office, the employers cannot talk to you and check your work at any time. We can adjust our time for work and time for leisure, but we need to ensure the work can submit to your employer as soon as possible. Manage your time effectively. Make a working timetable, be responsible and have self-discipline.


  1. Keep communicating with our employer or colleagues

When working remotely, we communicate through email, Whatsapp and video chat etc. Ask your employer or colleagues what they would like to use to ensure you can talk to them regularly. More importantly, please answer their question and reply to their message as soon as possible. You can skip and unread their message if you like, but this will leave a bad image for them. Also, if you have any problem, please feel free to tell them, otherwise, no one knows what problem you are facing.


  1. Be proactive and ask for help

Unlike face-to-face communication, we cannot communicate immediately during the virtual internship and we even can't ask for help if we need especially when there is a time zone difference. Maybe you think your question is too simple and you may not want to bother your employers, but it is better to ask for help otherwise your employer won't know what you need and the problem you are facing. And if you try to solve that problem by yourself, things might get even worse. It is completely fine if you have any questions and problem.


  1. Avoid any distraction

There are lots of distraction when we work at home like the pets, the TV, the noise and so on so forth. Creating the correct working atmosphere at home can motivate us to do our work and have a better environment for the video call.


  1. Be open-minded towards cultural differences.

A virtual internship is a great opportunity to work within an overseas company as there is no need to travel to that country and physically work there, so we can experience working with different people from different countries. But there are some cultural differences like the working atmosphere or attitude. Be more open-minded to accept those differences or learn from them. Or if you have any problem, just tell your employer or colleagues so that you can fix the problem with them.