3 Life lessons you're guaranteed to learn during college.

So, you've been offered a place in the college of your dreams. You're ready to get stuck in to learning all about the digestive system of an elephant or maybe how to invest other peoples' money in the everchanging stock market. 

While you achieve all your academic goals, don't forget about all the other amazing life lessons that college teaches you. After reaching the final year of my three-year degree, I've learned that there are many skills to gain outside of the classroom.  While you achieve all your academic goals, don't forget about all the other amazing life lessons that college teaches you. After reaching the final year of my three-year degree, 

Here are just some of the things I've learned from the two years I've spent as a student in UCD.

1.    Self-Confidence

College offers endless opportunities to improve self-confidence. From leading class discussions to making new friends.
As someone who was incredibly shy in secondary school, I didn't realise how much my self-confidence might improve in university. Going from the quietest girl in the room to debating the weekly discussion topic in class. For me, it developed gradually.For many of my modules, participation was graded. Meaning that whether I had the confidence to talk in class or not, I was going to make sure I didn't miss out on getting some of the easiest marks on offer. This 'fake it till you make it' approach to confidence is something that guest blogger Sarah O'Connor discusses on our blog here.

Find out how you can be the best 'you' and recognising your growth by checking out the article yourself. 
You will surely develop this skill throughout your college years. 

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2.    How to cook

As you sit with your new college friends,the temptation to order in a pizza from the local Dominos can be all too tempting. I know. I've been there. Coming from a small country village, the convenience of ordering my dinner through an app was like discovering fire for the first time. However, I very quickly learned that this is not as sustainable as I had hoped. Whether it is your inability to walk up a flight of stairs in college without getting winded or the decreasing number in your bank account, learning how to make a curry will become more enticing as the days go by. 

I discovered that what worked best for me was creating a social event of making dinner. I would text my friends. We would all crowd into one of our tiny student kitchens.

Learning to cook became a memorable moment every week in my calendar. Instead of going out to eat, we got to stay in, learn new culinary skills and save all that money we had worked hard for. If you're looking for some guidelines on ways you can make money for college, you can check out this article we've already created. You don't need to feel guilty for indulging in a takeaway occasionally, however, there are so many benefits from making food for yourself. So give it a go. You might discover a passion for food you never knew you had!

3.    Resilience 

There are times when you will fail, and that's okay. Being in college will show you how important resilience truly is. Whether you don't do as well as you had hoped in a test or not meeting the requirements to go on Erasmus. Failure is a part of life, we can't ignore but we also can't allow it to negatively impact the way we approach other tasks. 

Being optimistic in the face of failure is something you will learn throughout your college experience. I learned this lesson in my very first semester of college. It was a Friday morning. I had no classes so I spent an hour in the library perfecting my assignment. After printing out the assignment and landing myself at the office where I was expecting to see droves of students. There was no one. Not a stressed student face to be seen. After attempting to submit the assignment I was informed that the due date had been the day previous. I allowed myself to panic for a solid 30 minutes.

Pulling myself together, I emailed my professor to explain the situation. He proceeded to penalize my paper for being late. I was furious. But I came to understand that this was a moment of learning. If he had allowed me to get away with my mistake, it might have been repeated. Of course, I never missed a due date again. Failure is how we learn those important life lessons. So failure is simply an opportunity to grow and change. 

One way to become aware of the life lessons you learn in college is by writing down one lesson you learned this week in college. Whether you learned how to make new friends, communicate your ideas within a group or like me you may have learned the value of being resilient in the face of failure. There is so much more to college than what goes on within the classrooms. These years offer the opportunity to improve so many life skills that will follow you right throughout your career. 

Stay Savvy!